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Bob & Patti F

Susan is a friend of ours, who we've known for 13 plus years. We had no hesitation asking her to be our agent in the purchasing and again in selling of our first home. She knew exactly when to put the house on the market and was confident that it would sell by the second weekend of Open House. She was spot on! If you wish the purchase/selling of your property to include an agent who is both personable and professional, then look no further. Susan made both of our experiences, painless and exciting!

Guy & Kim L

We met Susan when we first moved back to the Bay Area. Out of the gate, she was nice and selfless - we were looking to rent and were clear that we had no intention to buy and yet,she took the time to show us different neighborhoods and houses and was very kind to both us and the kids. And indeed, we ended up renting. Not through her. Over the following year we stayed in touch with occasional, low commitment probing from our end on houses we were curious about. Even though us buying seemed like a long shot, Susan was always there for us, finding the time to show us places but not pressing us to make any decisions. A true advisor.

Last summer our appetite grew and we started taking more of Susan's time. Again, she was just there for us. She was always available, was very accommodating and informative. When it came down to getting pre approved for a loan, she recommended a few lenders. We ended up going with a loan provider we chose and she was cool with that and worked well with that person. This again showed her commitment to our success. When we put an offer and had to close a loan it was our turn to throw a nightmare at her - Half way through the process we decided to maybe switch loan providers and go on a planned vacation. Somewhat clueless, in hindsight :-).

Susan took it in stride -she project managed our loan providers, ensured we were on top of stuff, and managed the expectations of the selling agent, who obviously freaked out. In the process she constantly communicated about risks and concerns. The loans closed on time but we definitely gave her a run for her money. We are very happy with the house. We are excited about it on a daily basis.

The Sexton Family

My experience with Susan was simply outstanding. My Family and I were looking to rent a home with very specific needs in a limited geographical area. Susan worked with us on a very personal basis; she is knowledgeable and always available. She would always show up on short notice and take us to see potential homes. It was her local area knowledge and networking that enabled us to find our new home. We simply could not have done this without her. If personal attention, professionalism, and communication are what you are looking for, then Susan is your person! We made the absolute right choice in selecting Susan Gee Berry. This has been the best real estate experience we have ever had!


This is our second transaction with Susan. One prior was selling and this one was purchasing. She knows her stuff! She gets the right people in to get the job done if selling; painters; cleaners; hardwood flooring; yard work; stagers etc... She also knows the market well and knows her numbers exactly in order to be competitive without being unrealistic.

Dorothy Jones

Susan Gee Berry was both professional and personal with helping us not only find the right Condo for our needs, but she also was a tremendous help in getting our old home ready to sell and to get the maximum amount that we could expect for it. Susan conducts herself in a very professional manner. She knows the ins and outs of the real estate business and she is a pleasure to work with. She helped us tremendously, we would highly recommend her to our friends.


Working with Susan was great. She was extremely patient and helpful while I searched for the right fit. Then, once I was ready to make a winning offer, she made sure I moved quickly and came in at the right price.

Pam Jones Robbins

Susan is an amazing professional. She guided us through the selling process from start to finish with unwavering support. We had 10 offers and sold our home for 30% over the asking price. We have already recommended Susan to friends and family and will continue to do so. We are confident in her abilities as a terrific real estate professional and gladly recommend her to represent her clients with kindness, knowledge, leadership and professionalism.


Susan Gee Berry helped us from the very beginning at selling my father's house. She arranged for the following: professional stager; clean up, yardwork, landscaper, exterminator, inspections: house and termite. She even had a designer draw up plans to remodel the kitchen for potential buyers to view. We had our own painter, hardwood flooring company, and hardscape company, but she was willing to help in those areas too if we needed it. She even referred us to an Estate Sales person who helped us with removing furniture and taking care of it at a very reasonable rate so we could get the house staged in time to sell. Anything that had to be done, she did or knew how to get it done.

There were three of us siblings who didn't always agree on how things should be done and Susan was very respectful to all of our independent feelings, wishes, and needs. She is kind and considerate and professional. She gets things done quickly and doesn't like to waste anyone's time or effort. Her knowledge of the area and how things are moving was an integral part to her selling the house in one week! I would recommend her without any reservations. A+ in my book!


Susan Gee Berry expertise in selling or buying a home is invaluable. In the past few years, she has helped my wife and I sell our condo in Redwood Shores, my mother's house in San Francisco, and purchase our new home in Belmont. On both sales, she suggested upgrades and preparations we needed to do, so our sales would go through quickly, while still maximizing our profit.

Susan formulated an overall strategy that placed the properties on the market at the most opportune time. The condo sold the night of our first open house with multiple offers. With my mother's home in San Francisco, we had potential buyers wanting to make offers before we even had an open house. when we finally began accepting offers, we ended up with 8 offers! In both instances, we were able to choose the best one and close within 30 days, both above asking price. When my wife and I were looking to buy our home, we became discouraged because of the lack of choices in Belmont and San Carlos.

Susan kept us updated on new homes coming on the market. Finally, we found THE house. But, we knew everybody would also think it was THE house for them. susan helped us keep our composure and walked us through the process of making a strong, competitive offer. The home had 7 offers besides ours. But, in the end, we were chosen by the sellers, and now live in our dream home. Without her guidance, we might still be looking. The seller's realtor told me afterwards, "Susan is great to work with, she's one of the best in the area. Having her might have made the difference."


My husband Carlos and I had been pondering with the idea of putting our home on the market. We did interview two agents, both well known, but only one did take the time to come to our home and speak with us. The other agent just sent over her appraiser. They were not very committed in selling our home, well at least that's the way it seemed to us. Maybe they thought we were asking too much for our home. We were just about to give up when a very close family friend of ours referred Susan Gee Berry to us. My husband Carlos called Susan and we met 1 day later.

From the very start Susan has been a delight to work with. Once we explained to Susan what we were looking for as far as the sale of our home, she just took it from there. Susan is a very knowledgeable person of the market. She has always answered our phone calls day or night and has never made me feel like any question was a silly question.

Susan heard our concerns, wants, dislikes and what we wanted our final goal to be for our family. She has been by our side through the sale of our home and the purchase of the new one. After many sales and purchases of many of our homes, I would have to say that Susan tops them all. Susan is not just a real estate agent, she is a friend we can always count on.


I worked with Susan to help sell my father's house. I was in another state, but that did not matter. Sue did a great job running and coordinating the process and the outcome was tremendous. I also give her credit for persistence. Some things I said no to up front, but when they made sense she nudged me and the end result was always a win/win. She is a good partner who communicates well.

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